New Foodie Pocketbook!

For 25$, get a free item from each of these artisans and live a local gastronomic experience (value of $40). The Farsley pocketbook is the ideal gift for someone who loves discovering Montreal and its artisans.

What is the Farsley pocketbook?

The Farsley pocketbook is inspired by old-school matchbooks containing stamps. Our stamps feature free eats and treats from local artisans who want to encourage people to explore their neighbourhoods. 500 pocketbooks will be printed and sold for $25 each (value of $40). Each tear-out coupon is redeemable for a local gastronomic experience.

Where can I get a foodie pocketbook?

You can buy a pocketbook by stopping in at one of these businesses:

How does it work?

Show your foodie pocketbook to a participating artisan anytime from May to December 2017, and get the free item shown on the stamp.


The artisan has to tear out the stamp. If you remove the stamp from the pocketbook yourself, it won’t be valid. And don’t forget to leave a tip! Gratuities aren’t included in the stamp value.

Got questions?

The Farsley team will get back to you within 48 hours. Drop us a line at:

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