Last Update: April, 18th 2017

  1. Introductory Remarks

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) has been drafted in order to allow you to better understand how COMMERCE PARSLI INC., a corporation conducting business as “Farsley” (“Farsley” or “us”), collects, uses, communicates, protects and maintains your Personal Information (as defined hereinafter) pertaining to your usage of the website (the “Website”). For the purpose of this Policy, (“Personal information”) shall refer to any information which relates to a natural person and allows that person to be identified.

  1. Collection of Personal Information

Under certain circumstances, Farsley may ask you to provide Personal Information. The Personal Information provided by you will essentially serve the following purposes, along with any other purpose which is expressly stated at the moment of its collection:

  • optimize your client experience with regards to your use of the Website
  • conclude a transaction through the Website
  • ensure an after-sale service following the conclusion of a transaction through the Website
  • proceed to deliver the booklets obtained by you through the Website
  • notify the users of any modification to the Website or to the subscription
  • ensure the relevance of the Website by suiting the content to you personal needs
  • collect information for statistical purposes
  • evaluate and improve the Website
  • notify you of any changes made with respect to this Policy or to the terms and conditions
  • identify your preferred language of correspondence
  • inform you of any fact or event which is likely of interest to you
  • allow you to subscribe to our newsletter
  • allow you to subscribe to contests

Furthermore, the Personal Information collected by Farsley allows us deal with problems signaled to us with greater efficiency as well as evaluate and improve the content of our website and design, improve and commercialize offers which are better suited for the users. Such Personal Information is also collected for marketing research.

The Personal Information which may be collected in the course of your use of the Website includes, among others, you name and given name, your mailing address, your email address, your payment information as well as any other Personal Information which you may, at your sole discretion, disclose or communicate from time to time through your use of the Website.

Farsley undertakes to make the necessary efforts in order to protect the personal information obtained against any accidental and careless disclosure by implementing reasonable precautions and applying, at all times, a degree of caution at least equivalent to that which is generally applied within the industry. Without limitation to the foregoing, Farsley will not, in any event, be held responsible for any unauthorized or illegal use or disclosure of the personal information.

  1. Transaction through the Website

Payments of your online purchases initiated through the Website are processed by the secured payment system of Shopify. The information which is transferred is that which is essential to the processing of you payment. Your credit card number shall serve solely for the transactions performed by you on the Website. It is not accessible to Farsley or to any other person at the moment of the transaction, with the exception of the online payment system. All Personal Information transmitted at the moment of your order, including your credit card number, in addition to remaining strictly confidential, is encrypted in order to avoid its interception. A small locked padlock appearing at the bottom of the browser window as well as the URL address beginning by “https:// ” instead of “ http:// ” indicates that the page on which your are performing your transactions is protected by the SSl protocol (Secure Sockets Layer).

  1. Consent

By providing Personal Information to Farsley or its representatives, you agree that we may collect, use or communicate such Personal Information in accordance with this Policy and as prescribed by the provisions set forth by law. With the exception of what is otherwise expressly authorised under the law, Farsley will not use or communicate Personal Information with any other persons, except in accordance with the terms set forth in this Policy. Subject to legal or contractual requirements, you may refuse or withdraw your consent with respect to some of the determined purposes at any time by communicating with us. In the event you should choose to refuse or withdraw consent, we may be unable to provide your with, or have to cease providing you with, specific services or information which could be of use to you.

  1. Accurateness

The Personal Information that is communicated by you to Farsley should be as complete, accurate and up to date as possible. You may, at any time, demand that your file be updated in order to correct any mistakes or to complete any Personal Information contained in such file. Furthermore, you may demand that any Personal Information which has become obsolete or non relevant with regards to the purposes set forth in this Policy be removed and deleted from your file. In order to give rise to the foregoing, you may communicate with us by contacting our Customer Service.

  1. Privacy, Security and Transmission of Data

Farsley maintains physical, electronic, and procedural security measures which are in compliance with the requirements of provincial and federal laws, including those set forth in the Act respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (Quebec), as well as those set forth in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, information contained in email correspondences or Internet communications, network communications, telephone or any other electronic means of communication could potentially be intercepted by unauthorized third parties. Your transmission of information through the use of any of the aforementioned means of communication implies your recognition and consent to the effect that Farsley shall not, in any event, be held liable of such actions perpetrated by unauthorized third parties.

Farsley does not guarantee a total effectiveness or security of the Website. There remains a possibility that a computer hacker could succeed in his attempt at penetrating the server. In consideration of the foregoing, it is important to keep in mind, before browsing or performing transactions on the Website, that there remains a possibility for ill-intentioned individuals to access the Websites servers and use, to his own benefit, the information disclosed through the Website. Neither Farsley nor its directors, officers, employees or agents shall incur any form of liability or blame for the hacking of its information technology or the damages or losses that such hacking may cause you.

  1. Cookies

Some of the pages on our Website require the use of cookies. Cookies consist of file which is installed on the hardrive of your computer containing information destined at facilitating communication between our server and your browser. Our server installs a permanent cookie upon your first visit of the Website and, subject to the specific applications you may used, other permanent or temporary cookies destined to technically govern some of the choices you make may be also used. You may refuse or choose to deactivate cookies. In order to do so, open the configuration options of your Internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Should you choose to refuse or deactivate the use of some or all of the cookies, specific functions of our Website may no longer be available.

  1. IP Address

The Internet Protocol Address (hereinafter “IP Address”) is associated to your computer’s Internet connexion by your Internet service provider. Farsley may use your IP address in order to, among other considerations, diagnose problems with its web servers, govern its Website and compile statistics.

  1. Browsing Information

The Internet browsing information is used for, among other considerations, measuring web users’ interest and usage of certain parts of our Website as well as the efficiency of certain promotions administered by Farley or for its benefit. Such information can not identify you, but rather, contains statistical data including, among others, the duration of your visit, the pages viewed and the orders in which the pages were visited.

Farsley may use Google Analytics’ services in order to proceed to the collection of the navigation information of its Website. Should you no longer wish to be subject to such analysis performed by Google Analytics during your Internet visits, we recommend that you consult the To obtain further information with regards to their privacy policy, you can consult the following website: .

  1. Transmission of Personal Information to Third Parties

As deemed necessary or useful, Farsley may share some of your Personal Information in order to provide you with the services offered on its Website. Even though it may not be held responsible in light of the foregoing, Farsley undertakes to employ the reasonable means necessary in order to ensure that the Personal Information shared with third parties is stored in accordance with this Policy. Consequently, we may communicate your Personal Information to the following persons, in the circumstances set forth hereunder:

  • (a) Communication with service providers
    • We may communicate your Personal Information to other corporations rendering services on our behalf. Moreover, we may communicate your Personal Information to an organisation or an individual whose services have been required by Farsley in order to evaluate your solvency or to recover unpaid debts with regards to an account. We may also communication such Personal Information to our auditors and legal counsel. The communication of your Personal information to service providers under this section shall be limited to the information required by them for the specific purposes sated herein above and such services providers shall be prohibited from utilising the Personal Information to any other end.
  • (b) Communication in the context of a transfer of business activities
    • Farsley may engage in the sale or transfer of all or parts of its business. As part of the sale or transfer of its business, or part of its business, Farsley may communicate your Personal Information to any organisation acquiring, or whishing to acquire its business, but will demand that such acquirer, or prospective acquirer, agree to protect the confidential nature of your Personal Information in a way which is in accordance with this Policy.
  • (c) Application of legal provisions and communication ensuing from relative legislation
    • Farsley may communicate your Personal Information to governmental authorities who legitimately require your Personal Information or if Farsley has reasonable grounds to believe that the Personal Information could be of use in the context of an investigation into illegal activities, or to comply with a subpoena, a mandate or a court order issued by a competent institution or person demanding the presentation of the Personal Information, or to comply with a court’s decision with regards to the presentation of document files. Farsley may also communicate your Personal Information to its legal counsel.

If you would prefer us not to communicate your Personal Information in accordance with the terms of this section, we would ask you to inform us of such request by communicating with Customer Service.

  • Location Date

When visiting the Website, Farsley may collect and process the information relating to your geographical localisation. Farley utilises such information in order to optimise your visits and usage of the Website, as well as to present you with its offers, publicities and relevant information suitable to your interests in the sector. In determining your location, we will take into account, among other considerations, the geographical data, your IP address and any other necessary information.

  1. Linkage with external web sites belonging to third parties

Please note that the Website is comprised of links towards other websites which are operated by other organisations. Farsley does not exercise any form of control over such websites or their confidential matters and practices. It is hereby understood that Farsley may not, in any event, incur any form of liability with regards to the foregoing. We recommend that you carefully consider the policies related to the protection of personal information of such other websites.

  1. Amendment

Should Farsley choose, at its sole discretion, choose to bring modifications to this Policy, we will also proceed to accordingly modify the date of “Last Update” listed hereinabove.

Although it is not in our intention to neither frequently modify, nor substantially modify this Policy, there remains a possibility that such modifications be required in order to better serve you in the future, or in order to comply with the evolution of our services, technology or the law. We recommend that you revisit this Policy on a regular basis in order for you to be notified of any change or modification brought to this Policy. Your use of the Website following the posting of an amended version of the Policy implies your consent to being subjected to the said changes. Any change to this Policy shall be effective as of the moment which immediately follows its online posting by Farsley.

Should your have any question or comments with regards to this Policy, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

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