The idea for Farsley came to Julie Lemonde when she realized how difficult it was to find information about how to buy local and ethical. Her goal is to make conscious consumption easier and accessible to more people.

A special thanks to everyone who works to make Farsley a success:

Stéphanie Aubin, Johanne Auger, Thierry Bégin-Paradis, Ann Blanchette, Patricia Doiron, Marie-Josée Dufour, Anthony Guillou, Morgan Hamel, Anne-Marie Laflamme, Gulam H Moledina, Philip Jacob, Jalila Keita, Nabi-Patrick Kétouré, David Lebrun, Alexandre Leclair, Catherine Lepage, Catherine Métivier, Jeremy Parker, Laurence Poirier, Vincent Raineri, Frédéric Simard, Andrea Usher-Jones, Mark Val, Maddalena Whalena.